Spring Release 2022 von Dràm Mòr

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Spring Release 2022  von Dràm Mòr

Das Spring Release 2022 von Dràm Mòr ist auf dem Weg zu uns. Die Whiskys aus der Speyside und den Highlands reiften in Bourbon, PX, Palo Cortado, Amontillado Casks. Kenny MacDonald hat wie immer ein paar schöne Fässer ausgesucht.


Blair Athol 2011 Dràm Mòr Bourbon Finish

Cask Number: #300943

ABV: 54.7%

Cask Type: Finished in first fill Bourbon Hogshead

Bottles: 265

Colour: White Saffron Crocus Blossom

Nose: Wonderfully refine vanilla and cereal, delicate pear drops and a vague hint of savoury smoke.

Palate: Oily and lingering, tart fruit, a combination of peach and rhubarb, wonderfully tart with almost no spice.

Finish: Fruity, distinct peach lingers for far longer than expected, a tingle on the tongue and something chewy in the cheeks.

UVP: 94,90 €




Glenrothes 2012 Dràm Mòr Amontillado Finish

Cask Number: #3060

ABV: 57,0%

Cask Type: Finished in first Fill Amontillado cask

Bottles: 310

Colour: Daffodil Yellow

Nose: Strongly alcoholic with powerful ester notes that don’t seem to dissipate with time. Vague hints of toffee and fresh flowers fighting to be noticed.

Palate: So soft and delicate with a rich caramel biscuity note completely at odds with the smell.

Finish: Almost a toffeed tobacco, sweet, dry and spicy with a long, dry finish, extremely Amontillado.

UVP: 89,90 €




Ben Nevis 2010 Dràm Mòr PX Finish

Cask Number: #195

ABV: 54,0%

Cask Type: Finished in First Fill PX Hogshead

Bottles: 292

Colour: Thai Silk Pink Champagne

Nose: Butterscotch hits the nose straight away and lingers, sweetshop memories of vanilla and candyfloss. It smells the way you imagine sweets tasted in your childhood.

Palate: Sweet yet pleasingly acidic, an almost effervescence filling the mouth with a playful sensation completely in keeping with the nose.

Finish: Sharp and surprisingly dry, a lingering tannin and vanilla note that fades into a light spiciness.

UVP: 97,90 €




Deanston 2013 Dràm Mòr Palo Cortado Finish

Cask Number: #1013

ABV: 55.3%

Cask Type: Finished in Refill Palo Cortado cask

Bottles: 249

Colour: Medium dark shade of orange

Nose: A strange yet enticing combination of ash and pear drops, very, very estery.

Palate: Pleasingly dry, a bare hint of sweetness with strong earthy spice and a sharp, exciting acidity.

Finish: Strangely soft and delicately sweet, a complete transformation from the palate, for such a bold, almost aggressive start the finish is almost winsome. For a long time after the roof of the mouth tingles pleasantly reminiscent of Szechuan pepper.

UVP: 89,90 €




Craigellachie 2013 Dràm Mòr Bourbon Finish

Cask Number: #300594

ABV: 56,8%

Cask Type: Finished in First fill Bourbon Cask

Bottles: 294

Colour: Dried Yellow Sultana

Nose: Sweet vanilla and delicate mallow gently waft from the glass followed by soft cereal and a hint of honey.

Palate: Quite rooty to start with hints of gentian, liquorice and leather followed by a distinct syrupy spice that blends effortlessly with the more complex liquorice.

Finish: Sharp and spiritous with just a hint of tannin, rich with minerals and a hint of ozone.

UVP: 64,90 €


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